The Perfect Accessory for your Kid's Halloween Costume!

Little girl wearing a purple princess costume and matching polarized kids sunglasses in Be Yourself, Unless you can be a mermaid sunnies shades in a mainly purple mermaid scale frame and polarized reflective blue lenses.

It’s that time of the year when hopefully Houston weather is starting to cool down a bit 🤞, the pumpkins come out to decorate everyone’s front porch, everything is flavored in pumpkin spice, and Halloween costume shopping is taking place! 

My mom would always hand make our costumes for Halloween, so to continue the tradition, I try to do the same!  Even though each year it gets harder to set aside the time to make the costumes.  I either follow a pattern and sew the costumes or I try to DIY it.

Thankfully, my daughter, Wilhelmina, wants to be a spider (sounds simple enough) and my son, Milo, is going as his tried and true ghost/skeleton… AGAIN!   For W’s costume, I purchased a black unitard and a giant hairy spider that I plan to attach straps to it and use as a backpack for her spider legs. Hopefully it will look like spider legs coming out of her back, TBD. I also got spider webs, mini spiders, and felt balls to make into eyeballs (thank you Amazon!). The vision in my head looks great so hopefully it turns out the same way!  Will keep you all posted with photos.  

The best part of it all is that we are going to match the kiddos Sunnies to their costumes because we typically Trick or Treat when it’s still light out.  With the sun still up, I still want my kiddos to protect their eyes with their polarized sunglasses.  Even though the sun might be going down, they are still susceptible to harmful UV rays and their eyes are much more fragile than an adults, which is why I always have them rocking their polarized sunglasses outside (they also have 100% UVA/UVB protection).  If the sun is out, Sunnies are on!

Thankfully, I have four fun colors (pink, blue, yellow, and orange) and four wild prints (tie dye, mermaid scale, camo, and lightning bolts) to choose from!  I’m thinking W is going to rock our Lightning Never Strikes Twice, and Milo will probably wear our Chillin’ Like a Villain.

There’s nothing better than being able to accessories your kids Halloween costume while allowing their eyes to be protected! 

Wilhelmina was so excited about wearing her polarized Sunnies for Halloween that we pulled out some of her past costumes and did a little photoshoot!  We even called in W’s best friend, Chloee the Poodle, to join in on the fun!

Little girl wearing a Moana costume with matching polarized kids sunglasses in a transparent orange frame and reflective blue polarized lenses.  The frame is by Sunnies Shades and is called Chillin Like a Villain

Halloween is right around the corner so make sure you snag a pair of Sunnies to match your kiddos costumes!  Eye protection and fun all wrapped into one 😉! 

Be sure to show us all your Halloween costumes this year. We can’t wait to see what your little ones decide to be and don’t forget to wear your Sunnies 😎!

Happy Halloween 🎃 🎃 🎃