Sun Safety Stats

The lens of a child’s eye transmits about 70 percent more UV than an adult’s eye, which puts their retina at a greater risk. The cells of the lens and proteins in the eye lens are never replenished, so damage accumulates over time making it even more important for kids to wear sunglasses earlier.

Kids under 10 years old have skin that is more fragile and is more susceptible to eye damage.

Kids are outside far more than adults, and the half of the damage that occurs to their eyes is most likely to happen in the first 20 years of their life.

Very bright sunlight (such as light reflected off sand, snow, water or concrete) can cause immediate damage to the cornea, so Sunnies are a must at the beach, lake, winter activities, and even just on walks outdoors.

The long-term effects of sunburned eyes are collective and not completely reversible. The cataract, pterygium and macular degeneration, melanomas of older age likely begin with childhood UV exposure. 

If you’re thinking, I’ll just give my kid a hat… Keep in mind that hats only protect from above, not below, and UV rays reflected from water, sand or concrete can do a lot of damage to young eyes.

Sunnies for the Win!

As a parent, it’s incredibly important to encourage your kids to wear sunglasses. 

Just make sure that you choose kids sunglasses that block 99 to 100% of UVA/UVB rays, and make sure your kids have a say in the glasses they choose. Chances are they will be more likely to wear them if they actually like them!

That’s why Sunnies™ come in super fun color and print options so your kid can express their unique personality and style in whichever polarized Sunnies they choose! 

Polarization is also an important feature because it allows images to be clearer and they reduce glare as well. Sunnies™ also come with a microfiber pouch to keep them safe, so make sure your kids Sunnies™ stay with Mom and Dad too!

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