Are you ready for Summer Camp?

Are you ready for Summer Camp?

School is almost out and summer is here!  With summer fast approaching, that means that camp is about to be in full swing.  Are you ready to send your camper off to camp?  Regardless if it's a day camp or sleep away camp, there are some basics every camper needs, including sunscreen, a good hat, and a pair of Sunnies!

Things are a little different when you do a sleep away camp.  You need a lot more to make sure your camper is fully prepared.  One of my favorite places to shop for our camper is at Everything Summer Camp.  They have everything you need from trunks, bedding, clothing, and anything else you might have forgotten.  Plus, they also have a link to search for your specific camp's packing list.  It's a great one stop shop for camp.

Don't forget to label all your campers gear.  We love Oliver's Labels for all things labels for camp and school.  We also highly recommend labeling your Sunnies as well, and Oliver's has a great skinny label that works perfect for the frame of a sunglass.

Showing your camp spirit is also a big deal!  We have colors that rep all the camps including Camp Longhorn, Greystone, Waldemar, and Camp Ozark.  Just check out our Original Sunnies to find your camp colors.

We hope everyone has a fabulous and safe summer!


Kim & Courtney