We’ve all been there… it’s Christmas Eve and you’re out getting those dreaded last minute stocking stuffers while dealing with a crowded mob and zero parking options. Here at Sunnies Shades, we decided to try and help you out by taking some of the stress out of figuring out what to put in those stockings! 

We handpicked twelve of our favorite Houston owned businesses and created the BEST stocking stuffer gift guide for YOU!  We know for a fact any of these gifts will be a hit on Christmas morning… Sunnies honor!  Check them out before it’s too late, and as always thanks for shopping local and supporting small businesses! Happy Holidays from our Sunnies Shades family to yours!

Happy Holiday shopping!

Sunnies shades holiday gift guide for boysSunnies shades holiday gift guide for girls











1. Sunnies Shades, Sunglasses for Kids!  The best stocking stuffer ever!  Not only are they super fun, but the price is right to fill that stocking 😎



2. LeMel: LeMel has some amazing kids jewelry from custom stretchy bracelets to adorable stud earrings.  Wilhelmina is getting a pair of unicorn studs from LeMel in her stocking this year!



3. Squishmallows: These stuffed animals are the best!  Squishy and adorable.  My kids have way too many, but the price is right if you can snag one at Costco!

Find at the Houston Costco on Richmond or check them out HERE!


4. Fundamentally Toys: Puzzles are not only super fun but also educational.  Check out these amazing magnetic puzzles from one of our favorite toy stores in the Rice Village!

For Him- https://www.fundamentallytoys.com/shashibo-elements-magnetic-puzzle-cube.html

For Her- https://www.fundamentallytoys.com/shashibo-confetti-magnetic-puzzle-cube.html


5. Young Wild and Friedman: These sensory kits are MUST!  Not only do my kiddos absolutely love playing with them, but they are great for their development.  I also don't feel guilty giving them one of these when I need a minute to myself!

For Him- https://www.youngwildandfriedman.com/collections/sensory-sand-and-dough-jars/products/sensory-sand-3-pack-dinos-cars-planes

For Her- https://www.youngwildandfriedman.com/collections/sensory-sand-and-dough-jars/products/sensory-sand-3-pack-unicorns-weather-ice-cream


6.  The Monogram Shop: Your kiddos are going to need a cool backpack to put all their amazing gifts from Santa and his elves in to take to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  The Monogram Shop has some awesome options!  If you shop in store, they also have an amazing kids sections with clothes, books, crafts, and so much more!

For Him- https://monogramshophouston.com/store/store.php?crn=546&rn=698&action=show_detail

For Her- https://monogramshophouston.com/store/store.php?crn=549&rn=903&action=show_detail


7. Emerson Sloan: Who doesn't love pop its?  Every kiddo needs one of these, and this one is not only fun but functional!  They can keep all their pencils and markers in one place and have fun at the same time!

For Him - https://www.emersonsloan.com/products/copy-of-blue-tie-dye-popper-journal-1

For Her- https://www.emersonsloan.com/collections/childrens-gifts/products/copy-of-blue-tie-dye-popper-pencil-case)


8. Itsy Bitsy Boutique: Have a budding photographer in the family?  How much fun is this underwater camera??  Get ready for their creativity to soar with this fun new toy!

For Him- (https://theitsybitsyboutique.com/collections/boy-accessories/products/underwater-camera-jng

For Her- https://theitsybitsyboutique.com/products/underwater-camera-ir?_pos=1&_sid=c544427f7&_ss=r


9. Magpies: Magpies has such an adorable kids section with amazing toys.  For the boys, we recommend this super cool rocket launcher.  For the girls, who doesn't love a neon coloring book? 

For Him- https://www.magpiesgifts.com/product/sky-blaster-and-rocket-launcher-164252/

For Her-  https://www.magpiesgifts.com/product/kaleidoscope-neon-coloring-book-171978/


10. ToysToLove: Walkie Talkies have always been such a fun kids toy.  I definitely played with them when I was younger.  Definitely check out the walkie talkie, but don't miss out on this amazing levitation wand too!

For Him- https://www.toystolove.net/buy/00004939230074/retevis-rt388-2-pcs-kids-walkie-talkies-with-flashlight-sky-blue

For Her- https://www.toystolove.net/buy/00086000100764/wandini-magic-led-levitation-wand


11. Bering’s: Have a kiddos obsessed with cars??  Check out this super fun Velocita blue car (my son has these in almost every color!).  For the budding artist, check out the spirograph!

For Him- https://www.berings.com/product/velocita-car-blue-chrome/

For Her- https://www.berings.com/product/spirograph-scratch-shimmer/


12. Threadfare: We found these super cool tiny building blocks of construction vehicles that I know my son would love!  For the girls, these pop it bracelets are too cute!

For Him- https://www.threadfare.com/collections/stocking-stuffers/products/cupcakes-cartwheels-truck-twist-2-in-1-tiny-building-blocks

For Her- https://www.threadfare.com/collections/stocking-stuffers/products/bari-lynn-pop-it-in-n-out-bracelets



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