How To Clean And Care For Your Sunnies

How To Clean And Care For Your Sunnies


Your kids’ sunglasses are, without a doubt, a fun and playful fashion statement–but they’re also a crucial tool to protect their delicate eyes from the sun’s intense rays. Caring for them is the secret to their longevity and functionality. 

Regular maintenance ensures the lenses remain free from dirt, smudges, and scratches, allowing for a clear and unobstructed view. It helps prevent damage and preserve the structural integrity of the frames and lens coatings.

To help you ensure your kids' Sunnies remain as vibrant and durable as the day you got them, we've put together a guide on how to clean and care for children's eyewear:

1. Gentle Cleaning for Clear Views

Start by rinsing the lenses under lukewarm water to remove any loose dirt or debris. Use the lens cleaning spray and microfiber cleaning cloth included in our Sunnies Care Kit and gently wipe the lenses in a circular motion, avoiding excessive pressure to prevent scratches. Oh, and don't forget the frames; give them a wipe-down as well!

2. Avoid Harmful Materials

Harsh chemicals, paper towels, or abrasive fabrics can damage lenses and frames, affecting the overall durability and functionality of your child’s sunglasses. Using cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for eyewear is essential to maintain their quality and effectiveness. Here are our top picks:

Additionally, we recommend using the Sunnies microfiber cloth, which is included with our sunglasses, to wipe away cleaning solution residue and ensure a streak-free finish.

3. Say No to Sunscreen on Sunnies

While protecting their skin with sunscreen is crucial, remember to apply it to your kids before putting on their Sunnies. Sunscreen can damage lens coatings and affect visibility. So, make Sunnies the final touch after their daily sunscreen routine – this way, you not only prioritize eye protection but also contribute to the lasting quality of their eyewear.

4. Check the Frames

Over time, the screws on your frames may naturally loosen due to regular wear and tear. Periodically check and tighten the screws using the screwdriver included in our Care Kit to ensure they’re snug and secure. Loose screws not only affect the overall fit and comfort of the sunglasses but can also compromise their durability. By regularly checking the frames and tightening the screws as needed, you prevent potential mishaps and ensure your Sunnies remain a reliable companion.

4. Proper Storage Prevents Mishaps

Every pair of Sunnies comes with a microfiber carrying pouch. When not in use, store your children's sunglasses in their pouch and teach them to do it themselves. This simple step prevents scratches, bends, and other potential damage. Plus, it makes it easy for your little ones to locate their favorite pair when it's time to head outdoors. For an added layer of security, consider snagging a sunglass strap to keep your sunglasses safe during your kids’ adventures.

5. Encourage Responsibility

Empower your kids with the vital lesson of responsibility by teaching them to care for their Sunnies. Instill a sense of duty in them, encouraging a mindful approach to their eyewear. That way, they’re more likely to treat their sunglasses with the respect and attention they deserve. This not only preserves their sunglasses’ longevity and functionality but also sets the stage for cultivating positive habits from an early age. 

Prioritizing eyewear maintenance is a commitment to both fashion and function, promoting a lasting and reliable defense against UV exposure. By incorporating these regular check-ups into your routine, you contribute to maintaining the functionality and comfort of your children’s eyewear. Plus, it's an opportunity to engage with your little ones, reinforcing the importance of caring for their belongings as they grow and explore the world around them. 

Order your Sunnies Care Kit today and dive into adventures with confidence, knowing your kids’ sunglasses are in prime condition!



Courtney & Kim