How To Get Your Kids to Love Wearing Sunglasses

How To Get Your Kids to Love Wearing Sunglasses

The ultimate question we get when parents are buying sunglasses for their kids is "How do we get them to actually wear them?".  We have some tips to help with that because eye protection in kids is so important, as most damage is caused in their early years. 

 Start Them Young

 By starting them early you can get kids use to wearing something foreign on their face. Start slow and stay consistent and over time our kids will be asking you before they walk out the door for their sunglasses. Remember repetition is key!

 Let them pick them out

Make sure you are including your kids in the buying process. By allowing them to get involved and pick out their favorite color they will be excited to have something new and more likely to want to wear them.  Kids have their own style, so let them pick something they love!

Be a role model

Kids are always copying what we do. Make sure you are setting an example and wearing sunglasses yourself. If they see you wearing them then they will want to as well!

 Make eye protection fun! 

Kids are all about anything fun. Make wearing sunglasses a fun and exciting experience for them. Match their sunglass to their outfit or pick a color to their represent their favorite sports team. Add accessories with a sunglass strap in fun prints to add even more excitement to the process. 

Wearing sunglasses is about protecting your eyes, but it doesn't have to be a drag.  That's why we made our kids sunglasses in fun colors and prints, so kids will actually want to wear them.  Make sure they're involved, be a role model, and start them young!  Before you know it, your kids will love wearing sunglasses and will be asking for their Sunnies before they head out the door.
Kim & Courtney