How To Keep Your Kids Sunnies Safe

How To Keep Your Kids Sunnies Safe

One of the main questions we get is, "How do I keep my kids Sunnies from getting lost?".  Not an easy task for sure, but we have two major loss prevention tips for you.

Don't skip out on the Sunnies Loss Prevention Set

Keep your Sunnies safe and secure with a Sunnies Sunglass Strap. Made with a floatable fabric that hangs on tight to your Sunnies keeping them safe during Kidventures. Our straps are made out of 100% neoprene, which allows them to float. So, not only will our straps keep your kids Sunnies from getting left on the playground, but they will also keep them floating next time you're at the beach, lake or pool. 

Label, Label, Label!

We LOVE labeling at Sunnies (Courtney is also a professional organizer - hence the love of labels!).  Anything and everything deserves a label in life, so why not your kids sunglasses? We use the Lee Lee Labels because they have the perfect size to fit on the inside frame of your Sunnies. They are waterproof, super sticky so they won't peel off, and scratch resistant.  Oliver's Labels also has great mini options!  We can't recommend adding a label to your kids Sunnies enough.  It's a game changer!

Keep them in their pouch and in your bag!

Whenever your kiddo isn't wearing their Sunnies, keep them in their microfiber pouch and in a safe spot.  That could be mom's purse, a sunglass drawer (yes, that's a real thing), or anywhere you can easily access them.  Don't forget that all of our kids sunglasses come with a microfiber pouch to clean them and keep them safe.  The pouch also prevents the lenses from scratching when you're storing them.  No need to keep the box if you've got the pouch!

We understand just how hard it is to keep things from disappearing when kids are involved... nothing is sacred anymore!  But, we've learned a few tricks as moms, and we know the best way to keep your kids sunglasses safe and put to good use, such as protecting your kiddos eyes!  Wear those Sunnies and keep them safe with our tips.

-Courtney & Kim