Is Eye Protection Important In The Winter?

Is Eye Protection Important In The Winter?

The sun is not seasonal, and sunglasses are not just to be worn in the summer when we think about those bright sunny days. Sunglasses are a year around accessory that we should all be wearing (adults included). The sun still comes out in the winter, even in the pacific northwest and places that get snow! Here are a few reasons why you should absolutely be protecting your kids eyes, and your own, in the winter months. 

UV rays are intensified in the winter

Eyes need protection from the suns harmful UV rays year around. Even on an overcast winter day, UV rays are still very present and actually more intense. The sun sits lower in the winter months and there is more risk of double UV exposure. Double exposure of UV rays is also caused by the the sunlight bouncing off wet and snowy surfaces which causes a glare and doubling our exposure. So make sure to get your sunglasses with polarized lenses!

Prevent Snow Blindness In The Winter 

Most of our winter sports take place in high altitude locations where the suns UV rays are more harmful. This doubled with the sunlight bouncing off the snow and wet surfaces our eyes are subject to getting sunburned, known as snow blindness. Snow blindness is a temporary loss of vision due to the overexposure to UV rays from the sun.  Who wants that??  

Protect from Eye Irritation 

The winter months cause our eyes the most irritation because of the cold, dry air. And the whipping winds don't help! Wearing sunglasses in the winter will protect our eyes from these elements and allow our eyes to keep their natural moisture and avoid any unnecessary irritation. 

 Prevent Headaches and Unnecessary Eye Strain 

No matter where you live, we are outside a lot in the winter. In Texas we are outside more in the winter because the weather is actually enjoyable. If you're in the northwest you're outside enjoying all the fun snow activities. With the sun sitting lower in the winter months and creating glare from the snow, our eyes our prone to eye strain when sunglasses are not worn. When our eyes become strained, headaches occur.  Kim, one of our co-founders, has very sensitive eyes, and if she doesn't wear sunglasses on the regular she gets a lot of headaches.

Best Winter Accessory 

Sunglasses are fashionable and protective, making them the best winter (and year around) accessory out there.  Have you seen our current line up of Sunnies??  Talk about fun, and you can match them to your kiddos' outfits or mood with all of the fun color and print options available.

Please don't put your sunglasses away when winter comes around. Make sure you are setting an example and showing your kids how awesome it is to wear sunglasses and protect your eyes. Eye protection is year around and the sun is not seasonal!

Go get your kids a pair (or two) of Sunnies today! 

-Courtney & Kim