Valentines Day is a fun excuse to eat candy, give gifts, and celebrate love!  But, for parents, it can be another stressor to make sure you get it done just right (or at all!).  We want to help ease the burden a bit because we're parents too, and we know how hard it is to make sure you get it all done!  

We've put together a guide for you to help you find the perfect Valentines for your kiddos to both send to school and give to them at home.

For the busy parent:

I used to hand make my Valentines Cards for my class when I was in grade school... But, life has gotten pretty busy as a parent, so I don't have time to hand make them for my kiddos.  I still want them to have cute Valentines cards for their school exchange, and Paper Source has some adorable designs.  You can check out all the sets HERE.  My kiddos got the Hot Dog and Race Car Valentines cards this year!



For the Sunglass Lover:

A friend sent me this adorable Valentine from Etsy.  This definitely brightens my day!  You can get these as custom stickers with your kiddos name on it or as cardstock cards.  This is a great add on if you're doing a more custom Valentine like the DIY option below, or if you're gifting a little something and want to attach their name to the item.  I love the idea of doing this Valentine in a sticker and putting it on something like these individual packs of colored pencils I found on Amazon.  

Sunglass Valentine

For the DIY parent: 

We love a good DIY project, and Courtney (one of our co-founders), loves Swedish Fish!  Check out this easy DIY Valentine you can easily make for something a little more personal and fun!  

DIY Swedish Fish Valentine

Valentines Boxes for School Exchange:

These are a must for most classrooms for Valentines exchanges.  I suggest getting them early before they sell out!  My kiddos either decorate these at school or at home, but it's a great way to store all the Valentines haul from school.  I typically get mine at Target, and you can find them at the link HERE.

Valentines Day Box

The Perfect Valentines Gifts for your kiddos:

I used to love waking up to a little something my parents got me for Valentines Day.  It was never anything big, but I loved the thought and opening a gift!  If you're looking for a little something to gift your kiddos, here are some ideas that will be perfect and won't break the bank!

Sunnies in Valentines Colors (or your kiddos favorite color/print).  Buy 3 pair of Sunnies and get $15 off your order with the code: SUNNIES3 

These are a staple in our house.  Not only are they adorable and super soft, but my kiddos go crazy over them!  You can find them at Target and sometimes Costco, or you can shop directly from their website.  This donut is adorable and sweet and available at Amazon.
Squishmallow donut
Hot Wheels:
My son is a huge fan of Hot Wheels, so a set like this is perfect for a Valentines Gift. 
Hopefully this guide helps ease a little of the stress that comes from having to put one more thing on your plate.  We know it's hard to juggle all the things that come with being a parent on top of everything else you have to do.  Have a wonderful Valentines Day!
XOXO, Kim & Courtney


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